75 King?

Mia's gaze locked with her mother's as she entered inside the bakery. Mr Timothy smiled immediately he saw her but before he could say anything, Linda stood up and took large strides to where Mia was standing and gave her a hot slap on her face.

"You slut. I knew something changed about you and I can see it now. You now live with a man? No wonder you had the guts to talk to me that way the last time. Was this how I raised you?" Linda asked in fury. She kept throwing strings of questions, leaving no room for Mia to reply any.

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"Oh dear! You should control your temper. You will have enough mother–daughter time later. But right now, we need to talk… Come dear! Come sit here.'' Mr timothy said as he pulled out a chair for Mia to sit.

Mia still looked startled from her mother's assault. She knew her mother was going to do something like that to her but her mother calling her a 'slut' was one thing she hadn't expected.

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