60 Keep living...

Mia lifted her head when she heard heavy footsteps towards her direction and saw Leo... no.. Louis. On a second look, she realised it was Louis. They really did look alike.

She noted he was a really good time keeper because he was there in exactly 10 minutes.

He wore a casual Tee and trousers and his hair was neatly styled to the back unlike Leo who always went about with a messy hair which was actually kind of cute.

Louis smiled at her before taking the seat opposite her.

"Good afternoon." He greeted before asking, "Why didn't you order for something?"

She also noticed he had a nicer appearance compared to his twin brother. He looked like the type who smiled a lot and he had a really sexy kind of baritone.

Mia was still embarrassed and it was evident in her flushed cheeks.

"I wasn't planning on taking anything. I just wanted to apologize." She said while trying to maintain eye contact with him.

"Alright." He nodded without pushing much.

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