106 Just wait for it...

"You are kidding me aren't you?" Leo asked her with a surprised look.

What was she doing? Lend her a thousand bucks? Didn't he tell her he was going to lend her a hundred thousand already? He had been patiently waiting for her to ask him to dance with her so he could see how well she danced but she was asking him this? The disappointment and displeasure was evident in his face as he waited for her to answer his question. 

"Lend me a thousand bucks" She repeated sounding more confident. 

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"Are you Sara Wang?" Leo suddenly asked her. 

A frown formed on Mia's face as Mia's wondered who that was.

"Who is Sara Wang?" 

"The main protagonist of Hello, Mr Li. It's a romance novel in Webnovel." He explained patiently.

"What does she have to do with this?" She asked drunkenly raising a confused brow at him.

"She always asks for the wrong things at the wrong time. Just like you are doing right now. On fact, you are like her twin" He said.

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