130 Just this once boss....

Everyone went about their lives while looking forward to the party that evening.

Thankfully, Mia was finally able to study. She had also surprisingly received a call that morning from Chloe to ask her a few questions related to a particular subject. That had also prompted Mia to study and temporarily forget about Leo. She reminded herself that he was already a successful graduate while she was going to fail if she didn't study hard.

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Leo had been inside his room since morning. She didn't know whether he was sleeping or working since he hadn't come out from his room after leaving her room that morning.

She yawned widely which reminded her she hadn't eaten anything. She was just about to leave her bed when a call came in. It was from Mira so she quickly answered it.

"Hey!" Mira said in a less cheerful voice which was unlike her.

"Hey! Why haven't you been taking your calls? What's wrong? You sound sick. Are you okay?" Mia asked sitting up.

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