172 Just die!

Next morning, Jeremy looked around during the first class and still didn't find Mia. He thought maybe she was running late and would come in before the class ends, but she didn't. 

He grew worried and just before the second class began, he placed a call across to Mia again who still didn't answer her calls after calling her four times. 

"You look worried." A lady said making him raise his head to look at her. 

She was also his classmate but he couldn't remember ever speaking with her since they became classmates. 

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"Your new buddy isn't in class? Or is she your girlfriend?" The girl asked with her curious gaze on his face. 

"Something you want?" Jeremy asked her distractedly. He always kept his distance from his classmates so it was surprising she was suddenly talking to him when people stayed away because he was on scholarship and not from a wealthy family like most of them. 

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