181 Just answer all

Everything had happened so fast that Mia hadn't had the chance to react before the door was pushed open. When she returned to her senses and fiercely pushed Benjamin away, she heard Jeremy's angry voice as he charged at Benjamin and punched him hard on his jaw.

"You dirty son of a bitch!" Jeremy said as he grasped Benjamin by the collar and pulled him up to deliver another punch. 

Benjamin didn't fight back, or maybe there was no time for him to fight back because Jeremy didn't leave any chance for him. 

"Stop!" Mia said in a shaky voice. 

It was very difficult to make sense of what had just happened and the fact that he had harrassed her like that— and in the school premises! 

Jeremy's fist which was about delivering a solid blow to Benjamin's jaw hung midair as Mia approached them. 

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Jeremy angrily released his collar while Mia appeared in front of Benjamin with a very cold look, one Benjamin had never seen.

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