12 Jerk

The fortuneteller raised his head for the first time to look at the Mickey Mouse. "You have a bad temper" He pointed out.

"So I was supposed to just swallow everything you say hook line and sinker?" She asked him in annoyance.

"Then why aren't you leaving?" He asked in return. If she was so unhappy about what he was saying, she could easily leave with no one stopping her.

Mia took off the Mickey Mouse's head. Her face was sweaty and her hair was stuck to her face as a result of the sweat.

"I will leave now. But I want to let you know something. There is nothing like bad luck in my life. I am a very pretty girl and if I want to date anyone, I'll have a line of guys to choose from so, I'll obviously be lucky in my relationship because I'll select carefully. I don't want some Shaman spouting gibberish and laying curses on me"

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"I am not a Shaman!" He corrected unhappily before stretching out his hand.

Mia gave him a questioning look. What was she supposed to do with his hand?

"Money. I read your fortune so you'll have to pay. it's 20 bucks" He said.

Mia scoffed in disbelief "What a scam!" She said before opening the door with full force.

Of everyone to bump into, it was none other than her crazy housemate. What the hell was he doing here? And it was like he had a smile on her face. He obviously must have heard them and was now laughing at her. She regretted taking off the Mouse's head at least, he wouldn't have seen her face.

She looked at his shirt and saw the boldly written KING'S FOUNDATION on it. She had seen a couple of people around who wore the same polo shirt. So he works for this foundation?

Mia looked him up and down scornfully before walking past him. She remembered their one word game so she said "Jerk"

Louis looked at her in confusion. Was she calling the fortuneteller a jerk or was she calling him a jerk? She had looked him straight in the eyes before she said that word. So it meant she called him that right?

"Miss" He turned and called her.

'Miss?' Mia scoffed. She pretended not to hear him and kept walking. She was so annoyed. Annoyed with everything! She just wanted time to fly by so she would get her pay and go home.

"You should pay up after having your fortune read. This is not an NGO" The fortuneteller opened the door and screamed at her retreating figure.

"You will run out of business because you're nothing but a con artist. Just you watch! Make sure you don't change location because I'll come back here to show you how perfect my life turned out to be" She screamed back at him with both her hands on her hips like someone ready for a fight.

Louis looked back and forth between the two of them as they exchanged words. She really looked funny with the outfit she was putting on.

He had actually wanted to leave earlier when he realised what place it was. But listening to the girl's annoyed tone as she spoke made him stand there and listen to them banter.

"Ah! Just leave already before you ruin my day" The fortuneteller said to her in annoyance before he turned to look at Louis with a smile.

"You can come in" He said to his new customer politely.

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