86 It's wrong Mia. It's so wrong.

Leo frowned when he saw her come out of her room in just her loose tank top and short. 

How many times did he need to tell her to always dress properly around him?

She didn't seem to mind as she followed him.

When they got to the kitchen door, he turned to ask her.

"You would you prefer we see a movie as we eat?" 

"Yea. Cool." Mia said as she turned towards the sitting room. 

"Alright. I'll just get us some drinks."

He handed her the pizza and she went over to the couch to sit while he entered inside the kitchen to get them both juice. He didn't want her to always feel left out drinking juice while he took beer so he poured them both two glasses of orange juice and suddenly remembered the other night.

She had ran away claiming she was drunk. He decided to humor her and checked the bottle of juice for the percentage of alcohol in it. He laughed when he found nothing of that such before heading towards the sitting room.

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