108 It's raining outside...

Leo's body didn't move. He really didn't know what to do. Mia did everything— rubbing her body against his, leading his hand to touch her bare belly while also touching his body. In fact, she had turned around to his back and rubbed him down from his chest down to his belly. 

This was a really different side of her he hadn't expected at all.

He closed his eyes and bit down his lower lip when he felt himself begin to get aroused.

'Please not now. Not now.' He silently prayed.

She turned to look into his eyes again and gently cupped his face. 

Her eyes were steady and she didn't look as drunk as he had thought she was. 

She stared right back without breaking the eye contact and to his surprise, he she began to move closer....

The song was playing for the second time already. And he wondered just how long they were going to continue this.

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