21 Isn't this roommate?

By the time Mia got home, it was already dark. She was sure she must have looked like a crazy person to anyone who had seen her walking under the rain in a daze.

She was completely drenched from head to toe and her whole body shivered, her eyes were dim, lips chapped and hair sticking to her face like a zombie.

She knew she was sick. And all she could think of that moment was to get inside the apartment as soon as possible. 

As she tried to type in the passcode,  she realised she could not really control her hands anymore. Even her eyes were closing involuntarily. 

She bit her lower lips to the point where she almost drew out blood. The pain left her conscious for a while and she quickly typed in the code to open the door.

Immediately  she entered  successfully, she slumped on the floor and collapsed. 


"So which of the girls here would you like to take home?" Richard asked Leo with a naughty grin before turning to look around the club room.

"That one there..." Richard cocked his wineglass towards the direction of a petite redhead who was dressed in a black mini gown and red heel. "She is Sophia. Such a beauty."

"I'm not in the mood for this tonight. I only came out to have a couple of drinks with you. I think it must have stopped raining by now." Leo said before standing up to leave. 

"Hey. Where are you going to? It's just a few minutes past 9" Richard called after him as he stood up to follow him out. 

"I have some work I need to attend to. You can have fun without me." Leo answered as he kept walking towards the exit. 

"What about Sophia?" Richard asked, sounding disappointed.

"I just told you I have work." Leo said as he tried not to sound annoyed.

He noticed the rain was still drizzling but at least, it wasn't as heavy as it was before so he entered inside. 

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"I should at least drop you off. Where are you hurrying to?" Richard complained with a pout. 

Leo also did not know why he was suddenly hurrying home. Maybe because the 'black lady' in his picture suddenly popped into his mind that evening and he was becoming emotional, or maybe because he had a feeling that one of his clients would suddenly demand for their picture and he did not want to disappoint. 

"I don't want to be a bother" Leo turned to answer him. "So just have fun and make sure to go home early."

"Stop doing that thing you're doing. Just wait here, I'll go get my car. When you're done sorting yours out, you can drive yourself all you want." 

After saying that, he hurried to the car park. It didn't take long before he returned and drove off after Leo joined him inside.


"You should hurry home now. I think it's going to rain heavily again. And thanks for the ride" Leo said to Richard before he got down in front of his apartment's building. 

"See you tomorrow then."


He waited a bit for Richard to drive off before he went inside. 

As he was about entering his passcode, he heard the loud sound of thunder followed by a heavy rain pour. 

"What's this all of a sudden?" He frowned as he thought about Richard who was driving. 

The roads were already bad as a result of the first rain pour. He was very sure this one was going to make movement restricted. 

He hissed before opening the door and the first thing he saw, scared the hell out of him.

He saw a figure dressed in black lying lifeless on the floor with the side of her face on the floor and the other side covered with her long, wet hair.

"Isn't this housemate?" He asked himself in shock.

Why was she lying out cold on the floor? Did she by chance commit suicide? Or someone killed her here? 

A lot of silly thoughts ran through his mind as he thought about what to do.

"Hey!" He called first and desperately prayed for her answer him. 

He squatted and used his hand to shake her. As he shook her, her body turned with her back on the floor, so he could see her face now.

He almost jumped in shock when he saw how horrible she looked. She looked like a zombie. Her face was pale white and her lips were also white and chapped.  When he checked her pulse and found she was still breathing. He sighed in relief. 

He didn't want anyone dying in his house. If she hadn't been so stubborn and had waited for the medics team to take her to the hospital back when they were at the park,  all of this wouldn't have happened. 

He quickly took out his phone to dial the emergency number and when he asked for an ambulance, they apologised since the downpour was heavy and everyone was advised to stay indoors. As the lady on the other end gave him first aid tips on what to do, he cut the call angrily.

"Shit!" He cussed loudly as he wondered what to do next. 

"Why did she have to walk in the rain when she's sick?" He complained before lifting her. 

It surprised him when he noticed she was very light. As light as a feather. 

Was this the same person who always threatened and annoyed him? He thought that if he exerted more pressure, he may squeeze her to death.

As he carried her inside her room, he almost dropped her on the bed but quickly thought against it since her things were soaked.

He paused to think of the best thing to do. When he realised he had to undress her, he choked on his own saliva and began to cough.

How was he supposed to undress her?

"Hey.. hey..wake up" He shook her body but she still remained unconscious.

He could not believe his luck. Only today and he was already in this kind of situation with her for the second time. 

"You can do this Leo. All you have to do is take off her outer wear." He assured himself before looking around for the best place to lay her first. 

His eyes landed on a blue blanket on the bed so he quickly flung it with one hand while trying to hold her tight.  

He tried his best to arrange the blanket on one side of the bed and it had taken him quite some effort since he was still carrying her plus his clothes were also getting soaked. 

As he carefully dropped her on the the bed, he led his hands to the hem of her Tshirt but he kept withdrawing. 

No matter how much he thought about it, he wasn't ready for this.

After a few seconds, he decided to just get it over with. She wasn't  attractive to him after all. 

He assured himself before holding the hem of her shirt. 

As he gradually began to lift it up, he swallowed hard and tried not to look at her body but her face instead. He wasn't a pervert who was trying to take advantage of a helpless woman. No he wasn't!

Her perfect belly came into sight and he tried his best not to look at it.

As he was about to get to her chest region, Mia stirred.

He was a bit startled and stopped moving his hands immediately.

Slowly, he saw her open her eyes in a squint. "What...are you... trying to... do?" She asked in a really faint and hoarse voice. 

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