121 Is that Mia?

Leo shook his head at Mia who was still laughing before walking inside the store with Mia following him.

"You want to buy a phone?" She asked curiously when she saw him stop at a store where phones were sold. 

"Yea." He answered with a shrug.

"Why? Is yours bad?" She asked curiously. She had seen him use his phone just a few minutes ago and it didn't look bad. 

"Hmm... something like that." He answered as he picked up a phone. It was black, sleek and the latest model of that particular product. He checked the specs and nodded in satisfaction. 

"This would do just fine." He said to the salesman before making payments, then he turned to look at Mia. 

"I really want to buy this phone. But what's going to happen to my other phone?" He asked her.

"Are you asking me that right now?" Mia asked looking at him in confusion. 

"Yes." He answered with a nod as he continued to wait for her to say something.

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