214 Interrogation.

They watched the guests leave one after the other and Mia knew the hour was drawing nigh.

"Remember what I told you?" Leo asked her and she nodded. She seemed to feel better and less nervous as she greeted the guests who were leaving. 

Her phone began to ring so she quickly took it out of her purse to check who was calling. It was Mr B. 

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Mia frowned. She really hoped they wouldn't start having an argument right now. She really wasn't ready for that at the moment.

"Is everything alright?" Leo asked when he saw the frown on her face when she looked at her phone's screen.

"It's Mr B." She informed him, raising her phone to show him the caller's ID.

"You should answer the call. It's probably important." 

She nodded and went to a corner but took the call before it stopped ringing. 

"Hello?" He greeted first. 

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