170 I would appreciate that

"Are you okay?" James asked as he drove Mira to his house even though he knew she wasn't okay. How would she be okay in this situation?

"..." Mira said nothing and just looked out the window instead. 

She tried to stop her tears from flowing but it wasn't working.

By the time they got to the house, they heard the loud bang of the door upstairs and knew it was Rachel when they saw Noah and Peter standing outside her room's door. 

"I'll just go home. Guess party isn't going to work tonight." Noah told Peter who nodded apologetically. 

"Sorry this whole thing is ruined." 

"Stop that man. You're my best buddy and I do not mind. And that's why I would advise you feed Rachel with more sweets for her temper to become less bitter.." He said lightly making Peter chuckle. 

"You said something to me earlier about meeting Mary before didn't you? Where did you meet her? That girl had been missing for years." Peter said.

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