191 I promise

Leo saw a car approach them and squinted to see who it was. There was an unfamiliar guy in the driver's seat but at the passenger's seat, Benjamin was seated there. It seemed he was very impatient because he didn't wait for the car to be properly parked or turned off before he opened the door and jumped out. 

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Amara also came out of the house at the same time, after speaking with Chloe and panicked when she saw Benjamin heading towards them. It seemed like he had not gone very far because he arrived in less than 5 minutes. 

The look on Benjamin's face turned to one of surprise when he saw the man beside his sister was actually Leo. Why was he...

He received his answer immediately Leo approached him and threw a punch which landed at his jaw, making him fall to the ground. 

 There was no reason for Leo to do this to him unless it involved Mia. So he instantly understood what was going on.

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