180 I like someone else

Mia checked her reflection on the mirror as she prepared to leave for school. She had decided to put away everything that had happened the past day behind her. This was a gift Leo had given to her, to leave freely. And she was going to do just that. 

She smiled a bit, looking at her reflection. The bags under her eyes had been covered with powder but her eyes still looked tired. She wore a white turtle neck which was tucked neatly inside a grey pencil skirt which ended by her knees, with a slit at the back, and a pair of black loafers. Since she was bad at using make up, she only wore a lipstick and packed her hair neatly at the centre of her head. 

"Mia Lucas... never look back." She said to her reflection before picking up her bag. 

When she opened the door, she saw Leo coming out of his room with a phone in his ear. They both paused when they saw each other.

He smiled at her a bit and returned his attention to the phone call.

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