147 I like her....a lot

"Mr Williams, can you please tell us what you learnt in today's lecture?" Mrs Pine, one of the accounting teacher asked Jeremy who quickly turned his head to look at her in confusion.

As usual of students, they all turned their heads to look at him. His eyes moved from the teacher to Chloe who was smirking at him.

He looked away in embarrasement and smiled at Mrs Pine before pulling his ear.

"You.... were talking about taxation."

"Of course, we were obviously going to talk about that since it is the course title" She said with a scowl making the other students laugh.

"You should always pay attention in class instead of stealing glances at those who pay attention in class." She advised before turning her attention towards Kelvin who was staring daggers at Jeremy for reasons best known to him.

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"Mr Hank, can you please tell Mr Williams a bit of what he missed from today's lecture?" The teacher asked Kelvin who looked away from Jeremy to face her.

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