148 I know a Cherry

"You are sure nothing happened between you two?" Mia asked Jeremy when they both got to the school's cafeteria.

"Nah. He just wanted me to know my place and stay off his path." He explained.

"Why are you both always at each other's necks?"

"He's jealous because I'm more handsome." He said with a boyish grin making her eye him.

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"Just be careful. He seems like the kind who likes trouble a lot."

Mia warned making him look at her face seriously like he was thinking about something.

"Here!" She took out a printed material from her bag and placed it in front of him.. "I summarized most of our lecture notes in here. If you do not understand this, then I'm not sure even God can help you." Mia said and still wondered how he was able to secure a scholarship.

She had been waiting for him to reply but he kept looking at her strangely making her raise a brow as she dropped the burger in her hand.

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