187 I hate boys!

James hadn't heard from Mira throughout that day and was about going to her house when his phone began to ring with a call from Mia. 

He answered it immediately and heard her frantic voice say over the phone. "James... there is trouble." She said as she paced around the sitting room while also biting her fingernail.

"Hey! Calm down. What is it?" James asked as he stood in a spot. His heart was beginning to race and he hoped she wasn't in trouble and neither was Mira. 

Rachel who just returned from school watched, looked at her brother quietly without heading towards her room upstairs. 

"I told Leo Benjamin kissed me and—"

"What the hell!? Benjamin kissed you?" James asked in surprise without giving her a chance to complete her sentence. "When? Why? Was it consensual?" James asked immediately. 

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