111 I feel weird.

Mia's body glistened with sweat as she sat under the mixed colored lights with her chest heaving up and down and her lips slightly puffy from the kiss earlier.

She would have looked quite enticing to Leo if his mind wasn't messed up at the moment. 

"What is wrong?" Mia asked after his humourless laugh. 

He had asked whether it was a warm up before her main dance and when she informed him that it was a part of the dance, his mood suddenly changed.

Did she say or do something wrong? 

"Wait a minute Mia Lucas." He said before standing up from the floor. 

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"You mean you are going to be doing this dance with a boy?" He asked emphasizing on the word 'boy'.

"That's what I said." She repeated with a nod before standing up from the floor also.


"No what?" She asked in confusion.

"You can't dance this." He said shaking his head in disbelief as he walked into the kitchen to get a can of beer. 

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