67 I don't like it when you are so close..

"Are you.... trying to make the dog like me or you're doing this for yourself?" Mia asked in a stutter. The proximity made her very uncomfortable.

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He was hugging her! All of her senses screamed. 

One thing Leo really liked about her was her ability to always say what was on her mind. According to her, it made life easier and he actually agreed to that. But that was also where his problem with her lied. She always took him aback with his questions. He tried to imagine other girls in her shoe, they would have just pretended like nothing was happening but she always liked to say it out. 

Leo ignored her questions and just buried his face on her neck. He liked her smell. His head screamed for him to let her be but his body could not move. He just wanted to stay there with her.

Mia's whole body froze. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and immediately had goosebumps all over her body. 

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