189 I can't promise that

Amara was a bit lost. She had no idea about what to do. Seeing how angry Leo was, she didn't know whether it was best to just go on and tell him where her brother probably was.

"Leo... you have to calm down and talk to me. Did Ben get into trouble? You seem really pissed."

"He sure did get into trouble." Leo said, not wanting to disclose further than that. 

Maybe he was overreacting, but the thought of what Benjamin had done made him really angry. 

And he was angrier because of how Mia had flinched when their lips brushed. It showed how much that must have startled her and it was all because of Benjamin!

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He wasn't even out of the country yet and this was already happening. He had to put him in his place before traveling out.

"What did he do?" Amara asked in panic. 

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