9 I can't live with you

Mia didn't come out from her room until late afternoon. She was very annoyed that she had to live with someone else now. Why did he have to come home now of all time?

She heard her phone ring beside her and reached for it.

"You crazy idiot! Guess who's still in the house with me?" She asked James angrily. She had not been able to reach after their last conversation and it annoyed her that he only had to call her now.

"Why are you so pissed? You didn't even say 'Hello' to your boyfriend"

"Which idiot boyfriend? Your housemate is still here. And worse of all, because the house is actually his, I can't do anything. I only have to keep threatening his with his crazy sister for forging the documents"

"Was there any trouble?" James sounded concerned when he asked.

"The only trouble I see now is that I can't live in this house with that boy. He's too loud for my liking. He even brought in a girl on his first day home and they came into this room" Mia said in irritation.

James rolled his eyes. He had already heard all of these before. He knew she was still repeating everything because she was really pissed and needed someone to rant to.

"Relax sweetheart. Wait... I have to run now. If there's trouble, do not hesitate to call me. And please.... do not make trouble" He pleaded with her before hanging up.

Mia sighed in frustration. Why was everything getting to annoying and complicated? Why didn't he just wait till she was out of here before coming back?

"He better stays in his lane else I'll throw him out" She shouted at his room's door before moving to the kitchen.

Leo heard her voice while he was busy in his room with his laptop and scoffed in exasperation.

This was his house. This was his own house! He couldn't believe she was bullying him in his own house. He had considered leaving to a hotel but that idea was nonsense. Why would he leave his house for someone else. He was going to frustrate her to the point where she'll have to leave on her own. What a noisy and annoying girl.

He was never going to let his sister be for subjecting him to this.


Mia quickly fixed herself Spaghetti with some of the ingredients James had stored in the fridge for her before leaving. She really didn't like cooking but she didn't want to starve either.

As she ate in the kitchen, she went through the bank alerts on her phone and smiled when she saw how much she had saved up. Tomorrow was going to be another day to earn even though she hated the idea of wearing a Mickey Mouse costume and dancing around.

On her way out of the kitchen after washing the dishes, she saw her housemate enter. She hadn't bothered to know his name because it wasn't necessary and she didn't plan on being friends with him.

She looked at him scornfully before pushing past him and muttered the word 'FORNICATOR'

"What.... did you just call me?" Leo looked at her with annoyance written all over his face.

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"Did i say something?" Mia pretended like she didn't know what he was talking about and walked leisurely towards her room.

"Ah..this girl! I seriously can't live with you" He shouted at her back. How dare her call him a fornicator!?

"I can't live with you too!" She screamed back at him before banging the door.

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