134 I am your friend?

Everyone had different reactions seeing Leo suddenly pull Mia away.

Benjamin looked at them in both surprise and confusion as he wondered what was happening and why Leo and pulled her away. He thought it would make sense to follow suit since Leo had looked like he was angry.

Mira tried to follow the both of them but James took quick steps to block her path. 

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"I think you should no longer get yourself involved." He advised Mira. He had been having a bad feeling about this whole thing and it seemed he had been right to feel that way.

Mira placed both hands on her hair and ran her hand through it. "You.. also don't think this is going as planned right?" Mira asked him with hopeful eyes as she waited for him to say things were going to be fine. She wasn't sure this was the kind of reaction she had expected. Well, she was glad that Leo had actually reacted that way which made it obvious that he liked her, but Mia's reaction was what was getting her worried.

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