206 I am your fan

Chloe took a deep breath before she rang Leo's doorbell.

It wasn't long before Mia opened the door.

"Hey!" Chloe greeted awkwardly as she stepped inside. 

"Hey." Mia greeted back as she tried to hide her smile. She had come after all. 

Chloe immediately looked over Mia's shoulder at the form lying on the couch.

"He dozed off." Mia whispered. 

"Where is Leo?" Chloe whispered back nervously. She didn't know what Leo thought about this whole thing. Why did Jeremy have to come here? 

"He's preparing to leave for a meeting." She informed her. Leo had wanted to leave the house a long time ago but he said he didn't want to leave Jeremy and Mia together because Jeremy could make her fall in love with him without even realizing it. How hilarious!

Just then, Leo came out of his room with Tara behind him who greeted Chloe happily. 

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