49 I am not okay.

Leo woke up pretty early the next morning. Maybe it was safer to say hadn't slept the previous night. 

He had gone out with Richard to go have fun and probably hook up with a nice lady but unfortunately for him, his mission was not successful.

His mind kept drifting back to Mia's request and he also remembered her flushed cheeks as she watched the screen, making her look very innocent and adorable.

Every woman he had seen in the clubhouse did not interest him. Even when some made passes at him, he felt disgusted and left the clubhouse.  

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He knew he was in trouble now. A very big trouble. 

He had thought his attraction for her was something minimal and casual but he had been really wrong. And with each passing day, his self control dwindled.

Even last night, he had also dreamt about her. His dream had been so vivid. She had walked into his bedroom wearing only her lingerie and demanded for him to come kiss her. 

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