160 I'm watching you Jeremy Williams

"Thank you again for helping me fix my hair and buying me dinner." Jeremy told Chloe with a smile as he got down from her driver's seat to let her drive.

They were both at a few blocks from her place and it was time for her to take over and finally end their moment together. 

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"It won't happen again." She said indifferently before grabbing her keys from him. It had been the first time she cared from someone else's hair. 

Jeremy didn't move away to give her a chance to enter so she raised a brow at him. 

"Why are you still here?" She asked him curiously. 

Jeremy hadn't  returned home since morning. In fact, he had practically spent the whole day with her because he had even slept on her couch and after classes, he had also followed her to go meet David and back to the office where she helped him dry his hair and bought them both dinner. 

He was beginning to get nervous about going home. Ellie was going to be really mad. 

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