100 I'm used to it.

Mia took in a really long and deep breath when it was time for them to start dancing again. 

"You can do this Mia. This is Benjamin. It isn't a big deal" She said to herself and shut her eyes when she heard the start of the music. 

Soon, she felt Benjamin's hand on her upper arm, repeating the same movement he had done for two times already. Her body stiffened once again.

His hand went down to her lower arm and then he locked their fingers together. 

Everyone especially Mr B watched in apprehension. They could only hope and pray for Mia to do it well this time. 

When it was time for her to spin around, she did and Mr B sighed in relief.

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Mia and Benjamin came face to face and his lips slightly curved up in a smile as he pulled her closer to his body making her boobs press to his hard chest with only their clothes in between.

She sucked in breath and he took note of it.

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