34 I'm sorry.

"But I....." 

"Hold on. I'm still listening" Mira interrupted Mia rudely as she continued to give her full attention to Chloe who was narrating everything to her. 

She didn't know what was wrong with Mia that made her always behaved so rudely and annoying. Sometimes, she wished she could just slap some sense into her friend's head. 

When the door bell rang earlier, Leo had refused to let Chloe open the door because he thought it was Cherry who was still outside. 

But when Mia's phone began to ring with a call from Mira, she guessed it was probably Mira at the door and went to open the door for her. 

"Great! Now she even brings in her friend everyday" Leo sighed when he saw the ever smiling Mira enter. 

When Mira asked what was going on, Chloe explained everything to her while begging her to talk to her friend. 

Mira shot Mia an angry glare before turning to look at Leo apologetically. "Can I speak with you for a minute?" She asked politely. 

"Me? You should be speaking with your friend, why me?" He asked out of annoyance. He really hated dealing with College girls. 

"Just please." Mira pleaded.

"Mira what are you trying to do?" Mia asked in confusion.

"Stay out of this Mia. This is going to be between me and him from now on." 

Leo thought Mira was better compared to her friend. So he didn't mind leading her inside the kitchen for the both of them to talk while he handed her a bottle of water on her request.

"What is wrong with your friend?" He asked in a serious tone. He thought it was better to refer to Mira as her friend rather than her girlfriend since he did not want them to know he knew about their relationship.

"What do I call you?" Mira asked as she sat down opposite him.

"Leo is fine." He said with a shoulder shrug. 

"Alright Leo. I am really sorry about her behaviour. She is really not as bad as she appears to be. Believe me." 

"Oh really?" Leo crossed his hands in front of his chest and relaxed his body on the chair.

"I know.. I know.." Mira suddenly said when she saw the doubt in his face. 

"I know she behaves rudely most of the time but–"

"Make that 'all the time'." He interjected rudely.

"Well... all the time." She added reluctantly.  "But she isn't  a very bad person. I know I shouldn't be saying this but I think it's best I tell you." Mira paused for a few seconds while trying to contemplate telling him or not. 

"I'm listening." He said impatiently. 

"I have seen her several times with antidepressant drugs. She hides it well, but I know she is going through a lot and probably very depressed. But it's her nature to tell no one and always keep to herself."

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Leo wasn't very surprised. He was though, but just a little bit. He wondered what a little girl like herself was doing with those kind of drugs. 

"It's obvious she is depressed with the way she acts." 

"It's not something you should mock" Mira frowned at him unpleasantly.

"So how does this relate with her staying in my house?" He asked again. This time, his impatience was clearly visible in his face. 

"It's hard for her to adapt to places. I was surprised to learn she was living here. Sending her out would be a bad idea."

"And how does that even concern me?" He asked with his palms spread open.

"Please Leo. I beg you. Just let her stay for a month."

"I can't live with people!" He shot back at her but tried to keep his voice down. 

"I was planning to talk with her parents concerning this issue. I've tried reaching her friend who lived here but it seems his number no longer goes through."

"He schools in the states.... Wait what?" Mira's eyes shot wide when she remembered he had mentioned something about Mia's parents.  

"You were considering meeting with her parents? No no.. please don't do that. Try whatever you may but do not meet Mia's mother concerning her. It may kill her— literally" She added. 

"Why?" He asked in confusion. Why was everything so complicated?

"I cannot tell you more than I have right now. Please... I know she acts all rough and all, but when you get to know the real her, you'll see what a pretty soul she really is. She only projects anger at people as a defense mechanism. She's actually a very weak girl inside."

Leo paused for a while as he thought about what to say.

"She could have as well asked me nicely." He said as his reslove began to weaken. Why was he suddenly pitying her? 

"Well that's just— her nature. But she has a cute side... trust me."

'Easy for you to say that since she is your girlfriend' He thought to himself. 

"I have never been in such a shitty mess!" He exclaimed while massaging his temples. 

"I'll bring her here so you can both talk this out. Please be patient with her." Mira pleaded before dashing out. 

Leo thought he was probably going to go crazy.  

He could not believe he was considering buying the idea of staying with her in the same house. 

He took out a can of beer from his fridge and as he took his third gulp, the door opened and the three ladies walked in— Chloe, Mira, and Mia who looked a bit sober. 

There were only two chairs inside the kitchen so Mira asked Mia to sit on the chair she had been sitting on earlier while Leo still remained where he was with Chloe now standing behind him, looking as nervous as ever.

There was a few seconds of silence before Mira poked Mia's arm, reminding her to say something. 

"I'm waiting." Leo said as he folded his hands in front of his chest while observing her keenly. She definitely looked like an adorable high schooler. He immediately shook that thought out of his head. What adorable?

"Mr Leo..... I... am sorry." Mia apologized with her head down, totally startling him.

"This is your place and I know I do not have any right to act the way I have been acting ever since. But please, let me quietly stay here for two weeks and I'll disappear from your sight. I promise you." She raised her head to look at him, and he could clearly see the desperation in her eyes.

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