157 I'm jealous

"Mr Charles is going to drive down there on his own. I hope you are going to be okay when you meet all of them." Leo said as he briefly glanced at her while driving.

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Since they left the house, they hadn't said a word to each other. And after thinking about what to say for a long time, he said that instead, hoping it would lighten the atmosphere.

Mia only nodded in response and looked at the window. Her mind was very preoccupied. 

'Today is a really long day'. She said in her head.

Waking up late, hurrying to school, running away from Benjamin, coming home with Leo, making out with Leo, confessing to Leo again, and now she was going to meet her mother and the last person she ever wanted to see— Mr Timothy.

She wished the day would end so she could just go to bed and wake up tomorrow, pretending like everything was fine.

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