98 I'm always ready.

Chloe watched as the security team kept trying to pull the crazy lady away. They had arrived there two minutes after Jeremy pulled her away from almost attacking her with a dagger. 

"Let me be! Let me be all of you!" Mabel yelled as she flailed wildly in their arms to get away from their grip.

"You think you are so special because you own a stupid mall? You think you are better than everyone just because you were lucky to be born into a rich family? You are going to die a single and lonely soul. No one is going to like you."

Chloe laughed dryly from the side. "Then go own a mall you floozy, but I don't see that happening because you are going to rot in jail! And just so you know... I don't care whether or not people like you like me because I like myself a lot and do not like any of you." Chloe clapped back as she waved her off. 

The crazy lady continued to scream and cuss loudly as the men pulled her away. 

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