163 Hunting for Mr Bill's mistress (1)

"I do not think this is a good idea." James said as he drove Mira towards the venue. 

"It isn't? Then what is? I told you in there right? A divorce isn't just going to spring up like that. It was definitely my father's idea. And to think it was because of a really young lady who is young enough to be his daughter. I won't let her ruin my family. I will never—"

"Maybe she isn't that young. You know Rachel can exaggerate things." He interjected quickly.

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"I do not care! Hell is going to let loose today if this whole thing is true. And I will never forgive dad for doing this. Never!'" She said with resolve as she looked ahead. Maybe she would have still had a slight doubt in her had Rachel not taken a photo of the car they had both stepped down from. It was one of her father's cars and she had driven it a couple of times. So that was definitely him inside the clubhouse. Never had she  imagined her father to be a cheat. It was heartbreaking.

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