2 How did it end

"I don't like her" Anna suddenly broke the silence in the car even as James' attention remained on the road.

"Huh?" he turned his head slightly to ask before facing the road again.

"You heard me! If you really want this to work between us, I think you know what to do" She turned to face the window nonchalantly.

"What do you mean? Mia is my friend. We've been friends since we were young, I can't just cut her off because you want me to!" He stated without looking at her either.

"And I am your girlfriend! We just started dating a week back. Can't you do this for me?" At this point, she turned her head from the window to look at him. The anger in her eyes was visible. Even her tone increased when she spoke. She took a deep breath and spoke calmly "Choose one. Me or her?"

"Are you crazy?" He asked as he tried to focus on her and on the road.

"Choose one now!!" She screamed. She had never seen someone as uncultured as Mia. And her presence alone annoyed her.

James was startled. He slowly parked by the side of the road. He covered his face with his palm as he took a deep breath. "Get out!" he ordered.

"What?.." Anna was shocked "You don't mean that do....." Before she could finish, he roared again for her to leave. She was so shocked that she gradually got down. Disappointment was written all over her face.

"Don't you love me?" she asked while holding the door of the passenger seat. Tears was already pouring out of her eyes.

"I'll send you a taxi" He said as he stretched to her side to lock the door and drove off...

As soon as Mia got home, she went straight to the kitchen. She knew her mother would be there even by this time of the night. Linda was a local baker and the best in the neighborhood. She was always up trying to organize her things before heading to the bakery in the morning.

When she got to the kitchen, she found her mum there and gave her a back hug.

"Mum" she called gently.

"Move back, you'll get stained with flour" Linda warned.

"I want to get stained" Mia said as she tightened her arms around her.

Linda chuckled before pushing her off.

"Don't be silly child. How was your date?" she asked.

Earlier that day, Mia had lied to her that she was going out on a date because her Linda had tried to matchmake her with her friend's son and so she had lied that she had a boyfriend already who loved her so much. Even while saying it, she didn't know whether to laugh or to cry because she knew that something like that was never going to happen.

Mia finally released her "It was okay. He told me he could not live without me and even cried as he knelt down" She grinned as she narrated the scene from the movie she saw earlier.

"Oh, I see!" Linda smiled as she washed her hands.

"You should go sleep now, it's late. Remember you'll be helping me deliver bread in the morning" Linda smiled as she sent her out of the kitchen.

"Okay, Good night. Don't overwork yourself" Mia said to her while leaving the kitchen. As soon as she got to the door, Linda called "Child'' so Mia turned.

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Linda always addressed her as 'Child'. Mia was Linda's second child but she was never her favorite. She couldn't tell why her mother didn't like her but always favored her elder sister instead. Although they had been rich at one point, she grew up without much love from her family, and so she had to depend on herself. But after her father disappeared 8 years ago and they became broke, her elder sister, Mary could not endure living a difficult life, so she disappeared 4 years ago. Since then, she had been with her mother and have gradually received a little love from her. She could tell Linda was trying to force herself and didn't care much but Mia loved the attention still even though she still wished to hear her mum call her 'Mia' one day.

In one part of her mind, she really wished Mary would never come back home.

Mia smiled and looked at Linda, wondering while she was called back.

"I was just wondering,... How did it end?"

Linda grinned and looked at her.

"What are you talking about?" Mia gave her a puzzled look.

"The movie, How did it end? Did she forgive him after he knelt down and cried?" Linda couldn't help laughing as she saw Mia's surprised look.

She's been found out!

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