52 How can I undo it?

Mia's grumbling stomach woke her up the next morning. 

She hadn't eaten anything since the previous afternoon. She had planned to eat something later at night but after what happened between Leo and herself, she could not bring herself to come out of her room and besides, there was still a dog just outside her door. 

But it was going to be impossible to lock herself inside all day because she had a class that Morning and was also starving. 

She checked the time on her phone and saw the time was just a few minutes past 6am. Her first class was supposed to start by 8am so she had to do soemthing. 

She didnt know whether the dog was sleeping, or how deep dogs slept- if she was. Still, she couldn't risk it and go out just like that.

She remembered Leo had sent her a text before when he reminded her to go to the hospital so she checked her phone for his number. 

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Even though she was still embarrassed about what happened the previous night, she didn't have any choice now.

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