107 Hold my waist.

Mia hurried to the kitchen saying she wanted to do something  so Leo took the opportunity to push the sofas backwards to give them enough space to dance. He carried Tara from the ground and placed her on the sofa..

"You are going to be our little audience." He said before winking at Tara who was breathing heavily with her tongue out. She still looked scared from the rumbling thunder. 

"Hi!" Mira said with flushed cheeks as she came out of the kitchen.

Just as he expected, he smelled beer. She must have gone to drink some more. 

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"Are you sure you'll be okay?" He asked her as she reeled towards him.

"Yea. Are you going to be okay?" She asked him.

"Sure. Why not?" He asked with a funny look on his face. 

Mia raised her shirt up, making Leo look at her with a confused frown. 

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