31 Hey again!

"I've told you countless times to stop following me about. And you should stop asking me silly questions also" Mia said to Jeremy with a frown as she head towards the school's cafeteria.  

"Come on Mia. Alright I'm sorry for suddenly throwing that question but just hear me out. We haven't still made a deal yet." 

He continued to follow her while she picked up a tray.

"If you want me to be your tutor, you have to pay me. Aside from that, I don't want to have anything to do with you." 

"But I don't have money!" He said with spread hands. 

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"And I don't have your time." She said with a shrug before heading to a vacant seat inside the cafeteria. Who was he kidding? If he didn't have enough money, how was he able to afford his tuition? Aleast she knew he was not in any scholarship program.

"What if I help you with your crush? I can make Benjamin like you back" He stated confidently as he plumped himself on the seat opposite her.

"Shhh!" She frowned and looked around to make sure no one had heard him. Thankfully, no one was actually paying them any attention. 

"I. Do. Not. Like. Him. And stop saying things like that." She said through gritted teeth. 

"Don't lie to me. We both know each other's  secrets so we can just be friend. I also do not have friends."

"I know your secret?" She asked with raised brow.

"Of course!" He answered with a nod. "You know I like Miss Chloe King. I've liked her for four years now." He moved closer to whisper. "You're the only one I'm telling this." 

"King?" Mia asked with interest. "She's from the King family? That King family?" She asked in surprise.  

"Don't tell me you've never heard people talk about it or when the lecturers address her as 'Miss King'?" He asked in disbelief. "Are you even in this world?"

Truthfully, she didn't  really care about anything that went on in her class. She only came to school for lectures and disappeared immediately the lecture ends.

Maybe she had heard people refer to Chloe as Miss Kings before, but she could not really remember. 

So it meant they owned the Kings foundation? And the festival two days back had been organized by her family? 

She had assumed her housemate worked there when she saw his 'Kings Foundation' polo, but he was actually their son? Interesting. 

"What are you thinking about?" Jeremy asked curiously.

"Just some things..." Mia answered with a shoulder shrug before she began to feast on her burger. 

She almost choked on it when she heard the familiar loud honk from a public address system and the campaign team trooping inside the cafeteria. 

"Oh God. Thank God I'm not eating right now. Would have surely gotten an indigestion from seeing these faces." Jeremy said as he saw Kelvin and the others come in with their "Vote for Ben" anthem. 

Kelvin began reciting his long line of speech about how Ben was the right person for the position while also soliciting for votes from his fellow students.

Jeremy's eyes were dark as he watched Kelvin speak. 

"I just hate him." 

"Yea.. it's pretty obvious." Mia answered while trying her best not to look at the other young man standing beside Kelvin. 

"You know, you're really good at hiding your feelings. If I wasn't so observant, I wouldn't have known you liked Ben. But what did you see in him? Besides, he is a class below yo–" 

"Stop it!" She said harshly with a glare.

"I hate people like you who act like you know it all but actually know nothing." She continued before facing her burger.

"Alright, I'm sorry. But please consider it. If you will agree to help me study, then I'll make sure you get to the number one. I'll prove that Kelvin doesn't deserve that spot and you'll be the top of the class in this graduation. Imagine the opportunities that would be presented before you" He tried to entice her. 

"I can get to the top on my own. In this life, there are people bound to be number one— Kelvin for example, number two– me , and number last– you" She pointed at him. "Let's just accept things the way they are and graduate in peace. I didn't come to this school to fight for injustice or expose any corrupt practice going on within the premises."

"And you better stop following me before I lose my—" While talking, she stood up with her tray and before she could complete her sentence, she bumped into someone and the tray fell on the ground with a clattering sound. 

She almost yelled at the person in annoyance but when she looked again, she realised it was Benjamin with a flier in hand.

"Oh hey again! Sorry" He bent down to help pick up the tray.

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