151 Granting permission

Mia had been really worried seeing Leo lying there with his eyes closed. What if he was really sick? She didn't want him to fall sick. Without thinking twice, she approached him to touch his forehead. His body was hot but he hadn't given her a moment to check properly because he pulled her forcefully making her fall on top of him.

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Her heart skipped several beats as she looked at his face in surprise when he pulled her up so she was looking directly at his face. His eyes slowly opened and their eyes locked making her want to get away as soon as possible. 

She was still very embarrassed after confessing to him last night and had been thankful he hadn't mentioned it. But she also didn't want to stay on top of him like this. Not at all! Her heart was beating so fast she feared it may explode. 

He said something with his eyes never leaving hers making her gulp as her eyes lowered to the lips which had just opened up to let the words come out. 

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