202 Good Night

When Mia came out of the bathroom, she was a bit surprised to see that the bright lights inside the room had been turned off and it was just a small lamp that was on,  which didn't do much to brighten the room. For some reason, it made the cottage look even more beautiful. It made her begin to imagine living in a small and homely place like this. It felt like she was away from the world and all its troubles. How much she loved this feeling!

The music was still on but the volume was reduced and it wasn't the same song that was still playing. She was sure she could perfectly sing the previous song now. That song was going to be really special to her. 

She looked at Leo's direction. He hadn't seen her since she left the bathroom.  He was at the end of the room with his camera in hand while he looked at something inside with a broad smile on his face. She really wanted to see the video and the pictures he would make out of it.

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