30 Goddess

"Vote for him!"

"Vote for Ben!"

Mia kept hearing these words as the campaign team hand out the fliers to the students inside her class.

She looked like she was reading her textbook, but who was she kidding? She had been looking at one word inside her textbook for the past few seconds while her heart kept thumping.

"I guess it's obvious who I'm going to be voting for" Jeremy said beside her as he watched them hand the fliers over. 

Thankfully, Jeremy was a good distraction right now.

"Who? For Benja‐min?" She asked with interest.

"Hell No!" Jeremy quickly rebuked it. 

"So far Kelvin supports him, I'll just have to vote for his opponent" 

"Even if his opponent is not fit for the position?" She asked again.

"Who cares about school politics? I don't get shit from it. Besides, do they do anything else other than suck up to the management and encourage school corruption." 

"I wonder if you have proves for your blasphemes" She shook her head and checked inside her bag for her earphone.

Mia suddenly realised she was talking too much to him. She had never spoken for that long with any of her classmates before. 

"Please vote for me" 

Mia froze when Benjamin handed her a flier. She looked at the flier and then at his face. He was smiling at her. His smile was nervous and she had noticed his hand was shaking a bit. 

Slowly, Mia reached for the flier but before she could, Jeremy grabbed it from him. 

"We are not going to vote for you." He said to Benjamin who looked at him awkwardly before he threw the flier on the floor.

Mia quickly connected the earphone to her phone and plugged both ears inside her ear with her face down the entire time. 

She saw him leave but she still didn't raise her head. She could see his black shoes and the hem of his black trousers as he went to meet the other students at the next seat.

Mia turned to look at Jeremy. "Pick it up"

"What?" He raised a brow to ask curiously. 

"The flier. If you want to sit beside me, then you should learn to keep everywhere clean." 

He smirked at her and obediently picked it up. After he did, she took it from him and shoved it inside her bag. 

She had expected him to ask her why she took it but when she looked at him, she noticed he looked lost. 

He was staring at the front with all his attention. 

When she looked at the front, she saw Chloe, who had just entered. 

Saying Chloe was simply beautiful was an understatement. She looked like a goddess!

It was as if bright lights radiated all around her whenever she took a step. 

She wore a blue chiffon shirt with white buttons, a white short skirt that was resting above her knees, a white stiletto and a black designer leather handbag. 

Her hair was tied in a bun at the back of her head and she wore a mild make up on her face.

This was the Chloe Mia was a bit familiar with. Not the one asking her to leave her brother's house.

"Vote for Benjamin" Kelvin stretched a flier at Chloe, interrupting her grand entry. 

Chloe looked at him and down at the flier in his hand. 

"Here. Vote for Benjamin" Kelvin repeated with a smile as he waited for her to take it.

"Get the hell out of my way you piece of shi‐" She closed her eyes and let the words trail off. 

She was in a bad mood. A really bad mood. And the last person she wanted to speak to was this Kelvin Hen or Han or whatever his name was. 

Kelvin's face turned red from embarrassment as he moved out of her way to allow her pass. He could not lift his head because he knew the whole class was probably staring at him at that moment.

Jeremy smiled brightly when he watched this. Especially that look on Kelvin's face, he liked it a lot.

Chloe's eyes searched around until it fell on Mia. 

She took a few steps till she got to where Mia was sitting and sat on the other seat beside her. 

"Can we talk after this first class?" Chloe asked politely. 

Everyone watched with interest as they wondered what the two snobs were talking about.

"Good morning to you too. And no... we can't. I already told you what I wanted to tell you" Mia answered with disinterest before she hit the play button on her phone. 

The slow song began to play and soon, she was lost to earth. 

Chloe noticed this and frowned.

As she stood up to leave, she noticed the guy who was sitting at the other side of Mia had been staring at her.

"What is it?" She asked him with a frown but didn't wait for him to say anything before she walked to the back seat. 

"You are in talking terms with her?" Jeremy pulled off the Mia's earphone to ask immediately Chloe left.

"Are you crazy?" Mia scowled at him for interrupting her music.

"Just talk to me please." He pleaded earnestly. 

"How long have you liked her?" Mia asked

Jeremy was taken aback since he hadn't  expected that question. 

"Why do you think I like her?" 

"Am I blind? The smitten look on your face was so obvious." She answered.

"Wow!" Jeremy exclaimed before a smile creeped up his face. 

This was probably the first sincere smile she had seen on his face. 

"I'll answer you if you agree to also answer my question." He bargained.

"You must think I'm curious to know about you to the point where I have to make a deal. Save it." 

"Then I guess I'll just have to ask after all."

He saw her bag was still open and quickly pulled out the flier from inside. 

She tried to take it back but he was faster and lifted it higher since he was sure she wouldn't be able to take it unless she stood up.

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"Benjamin..... how long have you liked him?" 

Mia looked at him in shock.

"Hello students. Sorry I'm late." The teacher apologized as she entered. 

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