73 Get out!

"Doctor Louis!" Doctor Lily called as he was about exiting the hospital. 

Louis smiled and greeted her also. Doctor Lily was a free spirited young woman so everyone naturally went along with her, including him. 

"My shift also just ended. I was thinking if you could drop me off on your way home?" 

"You didn't come with your car?" He asked suspiciously. 

Just like everyone else in the hospital,  he knew doctor Lily liked and despite years of working together, he still didn't see her as anything other than a colleague. 

"It developed some mechanical faults this morning so I didn't use it to work." 

"Alright then." He agreed and led her towards where his car was parked. 

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"How was work?" He asked as he drove. They both worked under different departments so it was always difficult to cross paths especially since the hospital was really big and their departments were in different floors. 

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