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"I will miss you." Mia said into the phone. She almost felt like crying but she stopped herself. 

"I will miss you a lot also. And please, make sure you do not scare us like that anymore. Whenever we call, please answer. If you cannot answer, send a text." James scolded but it sounded more like a plea.

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"I sent you a text yesterday." Mia reminded him. 

"When Mira already left and after making us worried? Yea. That wasn't good. Besides, why did you have to go stay with Mary at the hospital? That's some crazy shit. She's never treated you like a sister." He hissed. 

Mia had lied to him. She was uncomfortable with telling lies, but she felt it was better telling him something else than saying, "I didn't want to talk to any of you on the phone because I just realised my real mother is dead and they said I was born with a bad luck and so, I want to stay away from all of you." 

"I just... had to." Mia said. 

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