32 Funny thing about crushes.

By Three O'clock, Mia was done with all her classes for the day so she left school for home.

The day had been hectic. First days of resumption were usually like that; with them trying to fit in with new lecturers and all. Plus with the campaign going on and Jeremy following her about like a fly. 

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As she waited for the light to change so she could cross with other pedestrians, her phone rang and she quickly connected her earphone to take the call. 

"Hey girlfriend!" Mira squealed excitedly into the phone. 

"What are you happy about?" Mia asked with her normal uninterested voice. 

"Long story short, I have my father's credit card with me. So in a few minutes, I'll come pick you up. Let's go shopping and make James die of jealousy" 

Mia could still hear the excitement in her voice. 

"Thanks but no thanks." She didn't like leeching off her friends. If not for the circumstances,  she wouldn't have agreed to stay at James' place. Now that she was even there, she was fighting a battle that did not really concern her. She knew the crazy guy that lived in the same house with her would have also tried to throw James out. Knowing the type of person James was, she was pretty sure he sould have left to avoid trouble. 

"Come on.. I knew you were going to say that. But I won't take no for an answer. I'll come pick you up after classes okay?" As Mira spoke the cars stopped to give pedestrians a chance to walk so she hurriedly began to cross the road. 

"So that aside, how's classes going? Sounds like you're in a busy place" Mira added. 

"Yea. Just left school and as usual... School was..... school" Mia laughed a bit.


Leo had just finished the registering his new car and was driving home when he saw a familiar figure crossing the road right in front of his car. 

Firstly, he was surprised because she was dressed in cooperate and looked nothing like the devil he knew inside. He had not seen her when she left in the morning.

Then, he had seen her laugh as she said something. He could guess she was in a call with the way she spoke while wearing her earphone. He must admit she had a pretty smile. But it had been so short that he barely got to see what her full face looked like when she smiled. 

When he realised what he was thinking, he quickly shook the thought out of his head.

"Lion in sheep clothing. Just look at her walking to my house like it belongs to her." Leo tsked as the lights signalled for cars to move and he began to drive. 

"Who are you talking about?" Chloe shifted uncomfortably in her seat and asked him. She knew he was talking about Mia. She had also seen Mia cross by and had frozen in her seat. Because of the issue with her brother's house, she had not been able to have fun freely or pester him to tell her all about his time abroad.

Leo had come to pick her up from school earlier, saying that he needed to speak with her. 

He didn't know how she was going to do it but he wanted that girl out of his house. She wasn't only a terror but it seemed he had not been able to think straight after that night. The images of her body kept flashing in his mind and he thought he was probably going to go crazy soon.

"What's her name again?" He asked Chloe.

Chloe knew who he was referring to so she answered almost immediately in a nervous tone. 

"Mia. Mia Lucas." 

"Mia Lucas" He repeated. 'Such a pretty name for a foulmouthed girl.' He thought to himself.

"Do you know anything else about her? Like where her parents live for example?" He asked curiously and shot a quick glance at her.

"Bro... you aren't trying to involve her parents right? Please... It would complicate things" 

"Then you should have thought about it first before you played with my house!" He blew up at her as the car braked in front of his house. 


Mia had already gotten home and was stripping out of her school attire. Walking was faster from her school than driving because she only had to cross while for those driving, they had to take a turn before getting to the other lane. 

"Alright. We'll talk later." Mia said before hanging up.

As she looked at the mirror inside the bathroom, a small smile appeared on her face. 

Benjamin had spoken to her today.

Having a crush on someone was a really funny thing because while they do not even know about your existence, you kept thinking about them all the time. 

It's been like that with her and Benjamin. 

Another funny thing about all this was the fact that you could meet or bump into someone a hundred times and not give a shit about them. But one day, something just happens and you suddenly find yourself attracted to that person. 

She was sure he hadn't recognised her. She had began to like him a few months back, just before they wrote their last semester examination. 

She hadn't thought it was that serious until she started have day and night dreams about all the silly things couples did that she wanted to try out with him. Quite absurd yea!

She had thought she was still in control until she saw him today. Looking as real as ever, standing before her and talking to her. 

"That stupid Jeremy!" She cussed loudly before going to take a shower. 

Because she feared Jeremy might say something to Ben when she bumped into him at the cafeteria, she had quickly left the place while signaling to Jeremy to follow her.

Now she was home, but she also hated the presence of the guy next door— literally.

She wondered when all of these was going to end.

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