124 Four?

"Just look at her, do you recognize this princess?" Mira asked James with a grin immediately Mia walked into the café they had planned to meet. 

"Stop it!" Mia said with an embarrassed smile and moved to sit down but Mira stood up to hug her passionately until the people inside the café began to look at them weirdly. 

"You look so pretty. I still can't believe this is you!" Mira said showing her the picture with herself and Leo before looking at her from up head to toe. Mia was glowing!

Mia looked at thr picture.

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They were both smiling at the camera and the caption under the picture read.. 'Guess who?'

"Are you dating him now?"  James asked going straight to the point. 

Although he was also really surprised and happy to see Mia's new look, guys didn't always show much emotion the way girls did. 

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