155 For you...

Leo King had a lot to do. He had to go with Mia to go see her mother and Mr Timothy, he also had to go home to go meet his mother since they had to talk about the whole 'cake as big as the universe' thing and the party his grandmother was planning to hold for him. But now, he wasn't sure he would be able to do any of those.

He tried to think straight and let her go. To get away from her, to roll away and adjust himself. But he couldn't.

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His self control was slowly slipping away but he reminded himself this was Mia.

And Mia was the only woman capable of throwing him out of his house if he overdid things and crossed the boundary. 

But where there boundaries now? She didn't seem to mind.

'Shut up Leo! Do you think she's capable of thinking straight right now?' He scolded himself. 

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