66 For me or yourself?

The loud ring and vibration of her phone woke Chloe up. She swore loudly before stretching a hand to reach for her phone. Immediately her hand found it, she answered the without bothering to check who was caring since she easy still wearing her sleeping face mask. 


Chloe sat up immediately she heard the familiar voice.

It was David. Her boyfriend.. or rather, her Ex boyfriend.

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She took off her sleeping mask as flung it to one side of the bed and said nothing while waiting for him to speak first.

"Hello? Are you there?" He asked but was still met with silence.

"Chloe I'm sorry. I know I deserve this and all but you need to understand that I cannot live without you. No matter how much I try to think about it, I can't just let you go. I haven't even done anything for you yet. Chloe please…"

She ended the call immediately and threw her phone on the bed before running her hand over her hair roughly.

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