237 First Love

"Have a safe trip back. Call me if you need anything." Mrs Wesley said to Jeremy and handed him her card. 

"Thank you." He smiled as he looked down at the card and looked back at her. "I'll sure keep in touch with you. Need to make sure you're okay." 

"Haha! I'll be fine, I hope. You could come pay a visit with your sister when you are free. Just let me know in advance though." 

"Sure thing." He smiled again. She was a really nice woman, he noted. It was a sad for a misfortune of that sort to happen to her. 

Mrs Wesley looked at Chloe's car and saw her sitting at the passenger's seat with her eyes closed, probably asleep. 

"Do not forget what I told you. You have to look after her." 

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Everyone was suddenly putting Chloe under his care. He definitely would look after her and make sure she was fine. Not for anyone else, not for himself, but for herself. 

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