167 Fights

Mira stood frozen on the spot as she looked at her father and at the girl behind.

Mary was just as she remembered but only slightly different since she was now older compared to how she looked four years ago.

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She had similar long black hair just like Mia, which was scattered all over her face. Mary was tall unlike Mia and she had a pretty heart shaped face. If her hair had been tied in a pony tail, her nice facial features would have been accentuated to show how pretty she looked. But whenever she was put side by side with Mia, Mia was always seen as the prettiest because while Mia had the sweet innocent look, Mira had the sexy kind and she always wore a bright red lipstick to remind people of that. 

Mira didn't look like someone who had been been 'missing'for years in fact, looked liked she was living very well except now with her make up smeared and she was half dressed in the hallway.

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