8 Festival

Saturdays were Mia's workout days. Although, she didn't need to workout anymore cause she knew last night's event which had been happening quite often always helped her burn off fat, But She still had to go jogging to help her relax. After returning back to the apartment in the wee hours of the morning, she was relieved to know that those psychos didn't mess with the pass code. she wasn't in the mood to make trouble with them. Seeing Chloe yesterday, surprised her. Although she knew Chloe was her classmate and among the top 10 students in class, she didn't know her name but only knew her as a 'snob' which people had labelled her as. Mia wasn't really concerned with whatever happened in her class. She only cared about breaking out from the shell of the 'top female' in class to become the 'top student' and that's what she intends to achieve before graduating in a few month's time.

As she was about entering the apartment, she received a call notification on her headset. so she pressed a button then a male's voice spoke out.

"Are you free tomorrow?"

"Good morning to you too

.." she rolled her eyes to show her irritation then ended the call as she entered the pass code to the apartment.

Once she entered, she checked the side of the door for something but didn't see then continued walking.

She noticed a familiar figure and an unfamiliar figure sitting on the sofa discussing but didn't even pay any attention to them as she moved straight to the kitchen to get a bottle of mineral water.

Richard, who had brought over Leo's luggage, was shocked to see a strange pretty girl enter Inside the apartment and completely ignoring them. She was putting on a black sports bra, which exposed her little navel and flat tummy. black yoga pants and black Sports sneakers with her hair weaved in cornrows and an average looking black headset. she had sweat all over her and a little towel draped over her left shoulder.

she was really pretty and even looking at her indifferent look in a few seconds got his heart racing.. He was still looking at the direction she had followed and was totally lost in thought.. till Leo pulled him back when he yelled.

Leo was momentarily stunned also when he saw her cause he had only seen her looking like a gangster the previous night. now, seeing her looking good with her feminine curves... he was surprised but he had to snap back to reality in order not to give himself away. so he yelled

"what's wrong with her? can't she change into a slipper instead of using her shoes here? who would clean it up?" He felt rather irritated when he saw her shoe print on his tile.

" Who..who's she?" Richard stammered.

Before Leo could answer, Mia came out from the Kitchen and looked pointedly at Leo which made him shiver slightly.

"If you have problem with it then buy an extra slipper" she said coldly before heading to her room.

She had indeed wanted to change it to a slipper but noticed that there was none there. of course, the spare was on Richard's feet.

"wh..what? buy an extra? how can you tell me what to do in my house?" he shouted at her direction. But it made no difference since Mia had long entered her room.

Richard was still confused by the whole drama. he kept pushing for Leo to tell him who she was but Leo ignored him as he went back to their previous discussion.

"As I was saying, I won't be going to the festival tomorrow" Leo affirmed

Richard who was feeling down said softly "you should, it is important. Your parents are putting in enough effort and even invited my family and other prestigious families. you should try even if you don't want to bump into her"

"She texted me yesterday. did you tell her I was in town?" Leo asked.

"No...no... it wasn't me I swear" Richard swore.

"hmm, alright then, I'll visit home tonight" Leo said.


Once Mia entered. She went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She could remember how guys stole glances at her during her morning jog even if she acted like she didn't see them. he lips curved up slightly "I'm guess I'm still pretty".

Her phone rang again then she took the call.

"Good morning MIA.." he politely greeted "Are you free tomorrow?"

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Mia mocked him inwardly then spoke "What's the matter?"

"They'll be a Children's festival tomorrow in Waterfall Park you're aware?" he answered.

"Who doesn't know that? so?"

"The pay is high.. you don't want to miss out on this. The costumes are ready.. you..you can be Mickey mouse right? he seemed to struggle as he spoke.

" what the f*ck? you want me to dress like a fu*king clown and dance around some kids? are you kidding me? she asked angrily.

"no...no..no... the thing is, Kids from the orphanages in the Empire are all coming. the King's family is sponsoring. kids always love you.. plus they'll be a lot of elite families bringing their kids. you know how those brats behave..." when he knew he was getting lost for words, he tried to look for another means "yes.. you know that those kids in Freeborn orphanage likes you a lot. do you want them to be bullied, do you?"

Mia was quiet for a while before finally saying "okay, fine. text me the details then".

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