146 Feels weird to live normally

They had just returned from the party, standing in front of her room's door and was about to kiss when Tara barked. But that hadn't stopped them.

Leo had slowly lowered his head until their lips touched then he withdrew, looked into her eyes and sealed their lips again. This time, he kissed her passionately with his hands on her waist while she wrapped her hands around his neck and stretched to meet him. They had both kissed fiercely until they both could no longer breathe and pulled away from each other. She smiled and was about kissing him again when he suddenly gave her a weird smile. 

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She paused and quickly let go of him. "You are not Leo." She said in fear as she stepped back. 

He didn't answer and only smirked making her confirm it really wasn't him. "Louis?" She called out with a gasp and when he tried to touch her, she screamed.....

And woke up from her dream with a start.

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