238 Everyone makes mistakes

Jeremy could hear the pain in her voice. Chloe was always strong, or at least, she liked to appear strong. But now, she let go of her ego and cried in front of him while telling him the words he believed she hadn't told anyone before. First love? He wouldn't deny that thpse words didn't make him feel a pang of jealousy. But he tried to imagine how he would live if Chloe died and worse of all, if she died because of him. He probably would go insane. So he understood her. Only those who could love genuinely, could understand her predicament. 

"I understand. I understand you perfectly." 

"No you don't! You will never understand this. Have you ever made a mistake that made you want to kill yourself? A mistake that didn't only bring pain to you but also to others?" She asked in between tears. 

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