89 Ever heard of CONVENIENT?

"Are you dating any of the King brothers?" Benjamin asked her. 

She looked at him in surprise. How had he guessed that? Wait... Jeremy had told her a rumour had been flying around about her kissing Louis at the party that night and she had seen how some people looked at her in school since that night.

"My family and the King's family go a long way back. And my sister is friends with Chloe King." He explained. 

Mia had kissed Louis but he noticed how Leo reacted to the whole thing. So he was kind of ĺ


"Well... I... uhm..." She tried to say something hut nothing came out. Thankfully, the door beside them opened and students began to file out. 

"Mia." Jeremy called as he approached her. 

"What happened to you? You never come to class late." He asked before turning to look at the guy beside her in surprise.

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